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5G smartphones, which focus on the present and equip the future, fit better in your pocket。

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Android ™ 12 is coming

With advanced privacy controls, better accessibility tools, and new customization options, Android 12 is the most personal version yet。Discover all the upcoming features of Nokia phones。

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A Nokia smartphone with Google apps

Native Android Experience

Sometimes, simple is beautiful。And much better。

There are little things that get in the way, like the traffic, the weather, or the store you forgot to visit。So when you're looking for answers on your phone, the last thing you need is something that slows you down。

我們不會在手機中添加耗用電池的垃圾軟件;亦不會新增佔用處理能力的雜項。Nokia smartphones run on Android。Fully native Android。There is nothing you don't want, and nothing will stand in your way。

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