Dr. 凯瑟琳·郭,金沙城中心2019年艾达·洛夫莱斯奖得主

大约两个世纪以前, a young “Countess of Lovelace” pursued an interest and passion for mathematics. She would be the first to recognize that Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine could do more than simply calculate and would go on to write the first computer algorithm for the device.

Today on Ada Lovelace day, we stop to recognize her as one of the first ever computer programmers. 但也许更重要的是, we pause to appreciate the unique role she played as one of the first women to pursue her passion for mathematics and computing science.

为了表彰和庆祝阿达·洛夫莱斯, Nokia is proud to shine a light on one pioneering woman working today within our Nokia research community who captures the spirit and serves as a modern-day version of Ada. 

Dr. Katherine Guo has built her education and career based on a passion for math and science. With bachelor’s degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin and a Computer Science Ph.D. 毕业于康奈尔大学,辅修应用数学. 郭晶晶于1998年毕业后加入贝尔实验室团队. 


过去的20年, Katherine has worked in several research areas including major innovations in the area of network-based multi-media streaming technology. 拥有40多项专利和多项发明奖, 包括2013年托马斯·阿尔瓦·爱迪生专利奖, as well as an extensive list of published papers and articles in various scientific peer-reviewed and industry journals, Dr. 郭继续在她的领域中增加知识和研究.

年轻的郭美美和家人一起在北京长大, 中国, 父母都是科学家, 凯瑟琳发现自己的学习总是很出色. 

Growing up under communism where one’s intellectual capabilities were not necessarily rewarded with financial success, 凯瑟琳回忆了课堂之外学习的价值. “和金沙城娱乐中心网址成长的那个年代的大多数中国人一样,金沙城娱乐中心网址的收入非常有限. My father would often tinker and repair televisions as a hobby and I would be fascinated in seeing into the inner workings of these devices. I soon found myself taking apart broken alarm clocks and radios to learn about what made them work,”郭评论. 

“I think my work today where I am engaged in the underlying foundations of connecting the billions of new devices on our wireless networks as part of the IoT (Internet of Things) carries on from my early interest in understanding how complex systems and processes work.”

An interesting influence of her Chinese upbringing was the very strong “everyone is equal” philosophical approach. “在学校里,每个人基本上都被同等对待, 所以性别并没有真正决定我能成为什么样的人或什么样的人,”郭评论. “I was never really raised to believe my gender limited my potential or possibilities.” 

随着中美关系的回暖, 凯瑟琳的母亲,42岁, was given an opportunity to pursue a graduate degree at the University of Texas at Austin (UT). 凯瑟琳很快就有机会和母亲一起在UT学习.

凯瑟琳分享了她在美国第一天的一个难忘的故事. “My mother had arranged for a friend to take her to the airport to pick me up.  Cars were not common in 中国, and I had never really spent any time tinkering with cars. 然而, 当我母亲的朋友告诉我她的车出了问题, I used my experience of reverse engineering mechanical things to successfully fix the issue. Everyone, including myself, was quite surprised to learn of my hidden car mechanic skills.”

在思考母亲对她成功的影响时, “Seeing my mother push herself academically even in her 40’s had a huge impact on me.凯瑟琳毕业后继续攻读博士学位.D. 位于纽约州伊萨卡市的常春藤联盟康奈尔大学.

“在康奈尔大学的时候,我有机会见到了我的一些学术偶像. I also met some of the greatest minds working at Bell Labs in nearby New Jersey. I recall one incident of being nervous to meet Dennis Richie, the founder of Unix. 他对我来说就像个摇滚明星,而我却在和他握手. I knew that based on my research area of interest, Bell Labs was where I wanted to be.” 

Upon receiving her doctorate in 1998, Guo moved to start her career at Bell Labs in Murray Hill. “I am grateful for the amazing opportunity at Bell Labs to be mentored by and collaborate with some of the greatest minds in a broad range of technology fields including Al Aho, whose “dragon book” is used for compiler education by virtually all university computer science programs, 阿伦Netravali, the Marconi Prize and US National Medal of 技术 winner behind the development of HDTV, Krishan Sabnani, IEEE萨姆纳奖和麦克道尔奖得主, 以成功地将金沙城娱乐中心网址转化为商业产品而闻名, 马库斯·霍夫曼, 托马斯·阿尔瓦·爱迪生专利奖获得者, 托马斯·吴, the ACM Software System 奖 winner and many other fantastic colleagues and friends.”

今天博士. Guo works within the area of mass-media distribution across wireless networks. 

奖“I’ve grown up seeing the evolution of video streaming and have been proud to contribute to this area of advanced wireless networking. 随着金沙城娱乐中心网址的网络变得更加强大, our processors more powerful and the pioneering work and innovations at Bell Labs improves the technology behind content distribution, all of us are now able to simultaneously stream hi-definition multimedia content. Nobody wants their Game of Thrones or World Cup finals game to be interrupted.”   

除了她的学术成就之外,她还获得了荣誉. 郭常导师博士.D. 考生及高中生. “我的父亲, 而聪明的, was also great at inter-personal and social interactions and this thankfully rubbed off on me. 我想告诉大家,研究人员不再是不善社交的天才了. 在金沙城中心贝尔实验室,金沙城娱乐中心网址在科学家的合作团队中工作.” 

金沙城中心为拥有博士而自豪. Guo working among our distinguished researchers and scientists and are honored to share her story and unique experience as part of our celebration of Ada Lovelace’s legacy. 

像Ada,博士. Katherine Guo is forging new knowledge and blazing new trails for fellow women in the area of science and technology.